Myth Busting The Green Coffee Diet

Myth-Busting The Green Coffee Diet

We investigate the famous “green coffee diet” and examine the active ingredients in green coffee seeds and their effects on the body. Most of us are familiar with the look of a classic coffee bean; dark brown and richly roasted, coffee beans radiate a strong earthy aroma when ground up to make the coffee drinks we know and love. But where did the coffee bean come from? Before the roasting process beings, coffee beans are actually green seeds which grow on coffee trees (most commonly the Coffea arabica tree). These green ‘beans’ can be picked unripened or when ripe and have become popular with dieters and health fanatics in the 21st century. Personally I think this is the best coffee bean grinder on the market click here.

A Few Things To Know About Green Coffee

Before we get started with the health effects of green coffee, here are a few important things to know about coffee and green beans:

  • Green coffee beans are NOT beans, they are seeds.
  • Green coffee beans can be used to make coffee, however unroasted coffee is very bitter and acidic.
  • It is possible to roast whole green coffee beans at home in the oven to make your own coffee blend.
  • The flavor of coffee comes from the roasting method, roasting temperature and type of coffee bean.
  • Drinkable green coffee usually comes bagged like tea or as a whole bean.
  • Starbucks makes green coffee drinks using unroasted beans. Unroasted coffee contains the caffeine of coffee but not the deep flavour.

How To Take Green Coffee

With Starbucks jumping on board the green coffee diet bandwagon, there are now more ways than ever to incorporate green coffee into your diet. For the Starbucks blend, the raw coffee bean is soaked in water then dried and added to other drink ingredients (sugar and flavorings). Green coffee extract is also available in capsule form or as a powder. The active ingredient in most green coffee supplements is said to be “Chlorogenic Acid” and Caffeine. Green coffee supplements are also sometimes bundled with other energizing compounds, such as Guarana and Green Tea.

The Science Behind Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic Acid is a type of naturally-occuring acid that gives green coffee its acidic taste. The primary effect of Chlorogenic Acid on the body is thought to be a slowed rate of glucose release after food consumption. In 2003, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition used coffee (traditional roasted coffee) to find a positive correlation between coffee consumption and slowed glucose release into the bloodstream. Even roasted, there is Chlorogenic Acid present in coffee, and the acid can also be found in other plants, such as sunflower leaves.

Green Coffee and Weight Loss

The green coffee diet is often touted as a weight loss program. Based on Chlorogenic Acid’s effect on blood glucose levels, coffee is more likely to be beneficial as an anti-diabetic measure, or blood sugar regulator. A strong correlation between green coffee extract (or coffee in general) and weight loss is yet to be determined, but there is evidence to suggest that the supplement instead has a regulatory effect on blood pressure. A clinical trial conducted in 2006 at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan concluded that Chlorogenic Acid can effectively lower blood pressure in patients exhibiting signs of mild hypertension (increased blood pressure). We know that for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, coffee has been used as an after-dinner drink so its effect on blood pressure (which can become increased after salt and fat consumption) and blood sugar (again increased after eating) confirms the tradition. The caffeine in green coffee and roasted beans also has an effect on the brain, increasing neurotransmitters and helping to reduce fatigue and increase alertness.
There is no proof of green coffee’s effect on body mass or weight loss, however it is important to note that both caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid can act as laxatives, making them dangerous if over-consumed. Way back in 1964, research was conducted in Ottawa, Canada that suggested that Chlorogenic Acid could act as a chemical sensitizer, inducing allergic reactions. Contrasting research has also determined the opposite to be true – coffee can reduce the symptoms of allergies. There is a great deal more research needed into both the effects of Chlorogenic Acid and coffee as a drink before firm conclusions can be drawn about its health effects.

Green Coffee versus Roasted Coffee

If Chlorogenic Acid and caffeine are present in both roasted and raw coffee beans, is there a benefit to taking green coffee extracts? The main difference between drinking coffee and taking green coffee supplements is the concentration. Green coffee extract products on the market typically offer 800mg of Chlorogenic Acid and recommended daily doses can equal or exceed 1,600mg. According to research published by Oregon State University, an average cup of coffee can contain anywhere between 70 and 350mg of Chlorogenic Acid so it would not be possible to consume the high doses offered by supplements without feeling the effects of caffeine overdose (agitation, muscle shakes, nausea and laxative effects). Decaffeinated coffee also loses a lot of its natural Chlorogenic Acid during the decaffeination process.

Green Coffee As An Antioxidant

“Antioxidant” has become a bit of a buzz-word in recent years. In simple terms, an antioxidant is any molecule that inhibits the oxidation process. Oxidation naturally occurs in the body and produces “free radicals’, which can then produce chain reactions that later cause cell damage. Oxidation is equal parts beneficial and detrimental to our bodies and therefore it is vital that we have a good level of antioxidants present in our systems to keep the process in balance. One of the most common antioxidants is Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), a compound found in many foods. The Chlorogenic Acid in green coffee diets is also an antioxidant and can help to reduce free radicals in the body. There is no evidence to suggest that Chlorogenic Acid is more or less effective as an antioxidant than Vitamin C.

Final Verdict: Does The Green Coffee Diet Work?
To conclude, there are several known compounds found in coffee seeds (namely Chlorogenic Acid and caffeine) that have proven effects on our bodies, both positive and negative. Coffee can help regulate blood sugar and reduce blood pressure. When consumed in moderation, a regular cup of coffee offers the same benefits as green coffee. Similarly, other antioxidants and natural products (such as green tea) offer the same free-radical-reducing properties as Chlorogenic Acid. Green coffee diets typically involve very high doses of Chlorogenic Acid that may or may not be more effective at reducing blood pressure or regulating blood sugar than regular coffee. A strong medical link between green coffee and weight loss is yet to be established. It is important to be careful when using any supplements or making drastic changes to a regular diet, especially if suffering from any medical conditions. If in doubt, seek medical advice from your physician before introducing supplements. When it comes to losing weight and toning up, a green coffee diet will work best in conjunction with a well-balanced eating plan, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, and a healthy schedule of regular exercise.

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Bedside Crib – the Trendy Range

Safe Infant Furniture Range

A new trend in baby cribs is the bedside crib. A bedside crib looks a lot like a regular crib except that it has one open side. You can place it next to your own bed so the baby cribs mattress and your mattress are lined up right next to each other. Rather than having your baby sleep down the hall in a nursery or even across the room, your baby is right next to you at all times.

Some models of bedside crib can be lifted up on rolling casters so you can position them at your convenience. Others double as bassinets, so they can be used as changing tables, or as portable baby cribs. They are available in a range of styles and colors so it should be easy to find one that looks and feels right with the rest of your bedroom furniture as written by

The main advantage of a bedside crib over other baby cribs is that you can easily reach your baby at any time during the night. Whether it’s for feeding, cuddling, comforting, or bonding, you don’t have to go far.

Research shows that the bonds that form during the first months of a baby’s life are a significant part o a child’s development, and being near loving parents is an important element. Many parents would love to sleep close to their baby but are afraid of rolling over on the little one. With a bedside crib, you never have to worry about that. The baby is nearby, but in a safe space.

A bedside crib is super convenient for breast-feeding moms since there is no need to get out of bed to feed the baby. The same is true for bottle feeding parents, provided they have an electric bottle warmer nearby in the bedroom.

A bedside crib is great for women who have had a Cesarean section because they don’t have to get up and out of bed to tend to the baby’s needs while they are recuperating. As any mother can tell you, following childbirth, a bit of extra rest is a welcome thing.

When the baby is restless or fussy, you can just reach over and offer the pacifier, along with hugs and cuddles. You can always respond quickly to your baby’s needs without having to go all the way down the hall or even across the room and then climb back into bed with cold feet. It’s likely that both parents will get more rest when you have a bedside crib.

Bedside cribs do have a weight limit, about 30 pounds in one popular brand. When your baby outgrows the bedside crib for sleeping it can be used as a play yard.


Lily Bloom Handbags

Lily Bloom Fashion

Form forward women realize that the “knapsack” is back in terms of satchel styles however unless you think about the Lily Bloom Bags you are passing up a major opportunity for one of the most sizzling sacks to hit the stores not long from now.

Lily Bloom Bags is an extraordinary knapsack style sack on the grounds that it is made totally from reused plastic containers! This completely lined sack is a centerpiece and a discussion piece. The fun print just adds to the fascination of this extraordinary pack.

Putting forth a style expression is incredible however putting forth a design expression that gets other individuals discussing eco matters is much better and this remarkable sack as all the sacks in the Lily Bloom line gets individuals looking at reusing and nature’s domain.

Lily Bloom is an eco cognizant brand that takes disposed of plastic containers and transforms them into something useful, in vogue and snazzy. The straightforward demonstration of reexamining how to utilize waste has come about within an eco cognizant line where you don’t need to give up anything.


This rucksack pack is an incredible alternative for anybody that cherishes the style. The enormous brilliant blossom printed material has a stunning ladylike look to it. The shades that are utilized within the blossoms are energetic in orange, white and yellow. The periwinkle blue foundation truly makes the blooms pop. The botanical outline is substantial and eye finding without being overpowering.

It is the points of interest that truly stand out just enough to be noticed. Each one bloom has heart molded petals and are printed in such incredible detail that it is hard not to grin when you see the sack. It feels female, tropical and sentimental all moved into one sack.


The straps are made of twofold sewed canvas for toughness. The inner part of the sack is totally lined the zippers are generally built and feel secure. The nature of this sack is apparent and an exceptionally imperative gimmick.

Very frequently with trendy sacks the quality development that guarantees smooth capacity is simply not there yet with the Backpack quality development is obvious. From picking the material to produce this pack is well thoroughly considered and well made.


This is a sack that is fabricated to last. It is enjoyable to wear and is an extraordinary cognizant exertion to help an organization that considers their dedication to the earth important. Design might be fun, useful and create an impression for good!

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Caffè Latte

The Ultimate Latte Recipe The smooth espresso drink known basically by its Italian name “Caffè Latte” (latte signifying “milk” and caffè signifying “espresso” ) is reveled in by millions every day. Fortunately, you don’t have to bring a day by day trek down to your neighborhood Starbucks to get your taste buds wrapped around a hot, crisp latte – here’s all that you have to think about making a definitive espresso drink. extreme latte Instructions to Make The Perfect Latte Generally, lattes are made with steamed milk, in an extravagant espresso machine. The same impact might be reproduced in your home utilizing the stove or a microwave and an essential espresso brewer (cafetière, espresso steamer, espresso press or channel machine). For included flavor, utilize entire coffee beans rather than prepared ground par