Kitchen Cabinets

Utter cabinets and we say it’s Lily Ann… For a class one quality with a variety of finishes and wooden kind, people’s right choice is Lily Ann Cabinets that offers a number of contemporary, modern and traditional cabinets with wide range of accessories for your kitchen. Some of the famous and most demanded accessories in cabinets include appliance cabinets, cabinets that come in a range of woods, cabinets that has pull-outs and revolving trays, glass doors in cabinets, decorative frames, wine racks, molding et al.

What makes Lily Ann Cabinets more unique is their more-than-a-century’s trust! Being in the market since 1908 and their high skilled craftsmanship and unity makes them the most preferred by the people. Their modern and trendy approach towards the classic designs and their quality architectural accents and molding makes them king in the cabinet making.

In this article, we will be dealing with what we ought to look for when we pick a Lily Ann Cabinet and how they can be helpful when it comes to cabinets as outlined by

Helping you with Budget

Do not calculate your budget based on your neighbour’s or friends’ budget. Your budget is entirely dependent on your needs for the new kitchen/cabinets, the style you prefer and depending on how old is your home. Categorise your total budget on the basis of percentage. Remember, a large and full features kitchen will demand a lot of money than a smaller one. For building your dream kitchen, make a list of your priorities and what your new kitchen/room has to look like as per your preference.

Before you zero down, look for your options and do enough research work. Another great idea is to demand a written estimation of the total budget of your new cabinetry from your Lily Ann dealer. Similarly, planning is very much important. Plan your budget just like the way when you would while purchasing a car and your budget must not exceed it.

Lily Ann’s Drawers and Doors

Both, in the inside and out, Lily Ann picks the best performing materials for their cabinets and they use topnotch constructing techniques. Every cabinet they make comes with lifetime warranty and one can undoubtedly have complete faith on them as they are supported by KCMA that is Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers’ Association. There for, these products are best known for their quality and the KCMA seal on them indicates that they are subjected to several tests for proving standard and quality.

Wood varieties offered by Lily Ann Cabinets

• Cherry – Bestowed with smooth grains, Cherry changes from lighter shade of pink to darker shade of brown. As they grow old, the colour starts to mellow. The acceptable and natural characteristics of Cherry are sap wood, mineral streaks and pin knots.

• Maple – Maple wood comes with a tight and smooth texture. The uniformly patterned grains are creamy white. However, they change from brightest of white to reddish brown or lightest of pink. As they age, Maple will turn to amber.

• Oak – This variety of wood has a pattern of open grain. Their colours include dark red, light tan, brown and light pink. Oak wood consists of pin knots and mineral streaks.

• Rustic Maple – Rustic Maples are deemed as closely grained pattern with hardwood and smooth texture. Their varied colours include light tans and creamy whites. They almost tend to black in the areas such as mineral streaks, knotty areas and bark pockets.

• Knotty Alder – This wood variety is quite simple: they have a uniformly looking brown colour with reddish tinge here and there. And also, they are uniformly textured and has straight grains. They have variations such as mineral streaks and knots.

• Quartersawn Oak – This variety of oak is actually quartered and then they are cut until the growth ring in order to reveal their beautiful grain. They have a range of colours including pink, light dark red, brown and pink. The Quartersawn Oaks are indeed very valuable since they are quite strong, can protest shock and have heavy wood.

• Hickory – This particular wood has patterns of bold grain. A single piece of this wood can show us a very different colour dramatically and they can turn from white to dark and deep brown. The natural characteristics of this wood are mineral streaks, burls and pin knots.

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